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Original papers

EL Hassani Yassine, Jenny Benoit, Pittet-Cuenod  Brigitte, Bottani Armand, Scolozzi Paolo, Ozsahin Ayse Hulya, Rilliet Benédict. Proteus syndrome revealing itself after the treatment of a bilateral subdural hematoma. Child Nervous System 2013 Oct ; 29(10) :1927-31
(Impact Factor 2011: 1.54)

Aikaterini Kanavaki, Benoit Jenny, Sylviane Hanquinet,  Chiari I malformation secondary of a premature unilateral closure of the posterior intra-occipital synchondrosis in a preterm baby., J. Neuorsurg. Ped 2013 Jun ; 11(6) :658-60
(Impact Factor 2011: 1.53)

Agustina M. Lascano,1 Alia Lemkaddem,2  Cristina Granziera3, Christian Korff,4 Colette Boex,1 Benoit Jenny,5 Thomas Schmitt-Mechelke,6 Jean-Philippe Thiran,3 Karl Schaller,5 Margitta Seeck,1 Serge Vulliemoz1 Tracking the source of cerebellar epilepsy: Hemifacial seizures associated with cerebellar cortical dysplasia. Epilepsy Res. 2013 Jul ; 105(1-2) :245-9
(Imapct factor 2011, 2.29)

*B. Jenny, M. Zerah, D. Swift, A Le Tohic, V. Merzoug, M. Baudrimont, H. Alvarez, G. Grangé and B. Rilliet. Giant dural venous sinus ectasia in neonated: a report of 4 cases.  Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics 2010;5(5):523-8
Imapct factor 2011, 1.53)

*B. Jenny, M. Kanemitsu, O.Tsupykov,  G. Potter, P. Salmon, E. Zgraggen, E. Gascon, G. Skibo, A. G. Dayer  and J.Z. Kiss  FGF-2 overexpression in transplanted neural progenitors promotes perivascular cluster formation with a neurogenic potential. Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio) 2009;27(6):1309-17.
(Impact factor 2011: 7.78)

A-G. Dayer, B. Jenny, G. Potter, M-O. Sauvain, G. Szabo, L. Vutskits, E. Gascon and J-Z. Kiss. Recruiting new neurons from the subventricular zone to the rat postnatal cortex: an organotypic slice culture model. Eur J Neuorsci, 2008, 27(5) p.1051-60
(Impact factor 2011: 3.63)

L. Vutskits, C. Lysakowski, C. Czarnetzki, B. Jenny, J.C. Copin and M.R. Tramer. Plasma concentrations of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in patients undergoing minor surgery: A randomized controlled trial. Neurochem Res, 2008, 33, p 1325-31
(Impact factor 2011: 2.24)

*A-G. Dayer*, B. Jenny*, M-O. Sauvain, G. Potter, P. Salomon, E. Zgraggen, M. Kanemitsu, E. Gascon, S. Sizonenko, D. Trono and J-Z. Kiss, Expression of FGF-2 in neural progenitor cells enhances their potential for cellular brain repair in the rodent cortex, Brain, 2007, 130 (11) p 2962-76
(*contributed equally as first author)
(Impact factor 2011: 9.45)

B. Jenny, I. Radovanovic, Ch-A Haenggeli, J. Delavelle, D. Rüfenacht, A. Kaelin, J-L Blouin, A. Bottani and B. Rilliet, Association of multiple vertebral hemangiomas and severe paraparesis in a patient with a PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome. J. Neurosurgery (4 Suppl Pediatrics), 2007, 107, p 307-313  (Impact factor 2011: 1.53)

E. Gascon, L. Vutzkits, B. Jenny, P. Durbec and J.Z. Kiss, PSA-NCAM in postnatally generated immature neurons of the olfactory bulb a critical role in regulating p75 expression and cell survival, Development, 134, 2007, p 1181-1190 
(Impact factor 2011: 6.60)

E. Gascon, A. Dayer, M-O. Sauvain, G. Potter, B. Jenny, M. De Roo, E. Zgraggen, N. Demaurex, D. Muller and J.Z. Kiss, GABA regulates dendritic growth by stabilizing lamellipodia in newly generated interneurons of the olphactory bulb. J Neuroscience, December 13, 2006, 26(50) p. 12956-66
(Impact factor 2011: 7.11)

B. Jenny, J.A. Harrisson, D. Baetens, J-C. Tille, K. Burkhardt, H. Mottaz, J.Z. Kiss, P-Y. Dietrich, N. De Tribolet, G.P. Pizzolato and M.S. Pepper, Expression and localization of VEGF-C and VEGFR-3 in glioblastomas and haemangioblastomas. J Pathology, May, 2006, 209: p. 34-43
(Impact factor 2011: 6.31)

M. Payer, S. Wetzel, A. Kelekis, and B. Jenny, Traumatic vertical atlantoaxial dislocation. J Clin Neuoscience, 2005, 12(6), p. 704-6.
(Impact factor 2011: 1.24)

B. Jenny, A.H. Kaye and M.F. Gonzales, Aggressive intracranial fibromatosis: case report. J Clin Neuroscience, 2002, 9, n°4, p. 450-3
(Impact factor 2011: 1.24)

B. Jenny, B. Rilliet, D. May, J-P Pizzolato, Transthoracic transvertebral approach for resection of an anterior located calcified meningioma. Case Report. Neurochirurgie, 2002, 48, n°1, p.49.52
(Impact factor 2011: 0.34)

May, D., B. Jenny, and A. Faundez, Cervical cord compression due to a hypoplastic atlas. Case report. J Neurosurg, 2001. 94(1 Suppl): p. 133-6.
(Impact factor 2011: 2.96)



Gautschi OP, Rilliet B, Schaller K, and Jenny B, Positional plagiocephaly in infancy: diagnosis and management. Praxis 2013, Dec 1;102(25): 1537-42

Andreas L Serra, Olivier Bonny, Sarah Bürki, Thomas Dorn, Daniel Fuster, Raphael Guzman, Günther FL Hofbauer, Benoit Jenny, Christian Kätterer, Barbara Plecko-Startinig,Lisa Weibel, Patrick Roth, Maja, Steinlin, Gabriele Wohlrab, Patricia E Dill,  Tuberöse Sklerose: Pathogenese, Klinik und neue Therapieansätze (under proof reading Swiss Medical Forum july 2013)


Original papers: submitted

Andrea Bartoli M.D.1, Remi Tyrand 2, Benoit Jenny M.D. Ph.D.1, Shahan Momjian M.D. 1, Colette Boëx, Ph.D.2 In vivo human microstimulation and microrecording of a sclerotic hippocampus and a cortical dysplasia (submitted Nature Medicine October 2013)

Benoit Jenny, Yassine El Hassani, Nicolas Smoll, Shahan Momjian, Claudio Pollo, Christian Korff, Margitta Seeck and Karl Schaller, Seizure control in epilepsy surgery: experience in young children and adolescents. (submitted, Epilepsy Research,  nov 2013)

Alister Rogers, Colette Boex, Karl Schaller and Benoit Jenny. Pure posterior sacral meningocele: case report and technical note. (submitted Pediatric Neurosurgery July 2013)




Original papers

Nemitz I, Jenny B. A train can hide another, Rev Med Suisse. 2012; 8(366):2406-7 Article in French
(Impact Factor: not referenced)



1) “A neural stem/progenitor cell based approach for brain repair after cerebral ischemia” par Benoit Jenny pour l’obtention du Doctorat es Sciences, juillet 2010, publiée en ligne par la Faculté de Médecine de Genève

Thesis Benoit Jenny MD/PhD archive Universite de Geneve cliquer ici...

2) « Canal lombaire étroit et insuffisance artérielle des membres inférieurs: différences cliniques » par Benoit Jenny pour l’obtention du Doctorat en médecine, août 2008



1) Mechanisms of tumour cell invasion and metastasis formation in the brain: a review. Benoit Jenny, accepted 2009 written exam MD/PhD, program unpublished personal archive click here....

2) Interactions between blood vessels and neural progenitor cells: a key for brain repair strategies ? Benoit Jenny  octobre 2008, partie de l’examen écrit programme MD/PhD, non publiée



"Prix de la Recherche en Médecine", 13th novembre 2012, Geneva, Foundation Gertrude Von Meissner for the project « Understanding the mechansims of epileptogenicity in children with cortical dysplasia »


Best poster price, 2008, Montreux, Swiss Society for neurosurgery « Expression of FGF-2 in neural progenitor cells increases their potential for cellular brain repair in the rodent cortex » click here...