Adult Spine Neurosurgery Geneva

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Since 1st Feb 2014:

Private practice of neurosurgery

Médecin agrégé

Clinique La Colline Geneva

Consultant neurosurgeon

Neurosurgery, University Hospital Geneva




feb 2011- jan 2014:       

"Chef de Clinique" in neurosurgery , University Hospital Geneva (Prof. K. Schaller, Département Neucli)

Responsible of pediatric neurosurgical activity at the Children's Hospital of University Hospital Geneva since octobre 2011

Clincal activities:

Adult Neurosurgery

Areas of expertise in adult neurosurgery :

  1. Spine and complex spine, traumatic spine injuries
  2. Usage of neuronavigation or robotic assistance to place spine pedicle screws
  3. Brain tumours
  4. Hydrocephalus, endoscopy
  5. Epilepsy surgery
  6. Stereotaxic procedures
  7. Vascular neurosurgery (on call 1in 2 days)
  8. Traumatic brain injuries

Areas of expertise in pediatric neurosurgery :

  1. surgery for pediatric brain tumours
  2. Hydrocephalus
  3. Endoscopy
  4. Epilepsy surgery
  5. Craniofacial surgery
  6. Spina bifida,
  7. Traumatic brain injury


Octobre 2009- February 2011:                    

« Neruosurgical Fellow », Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne (Australia), Pedaitric Neurosurgery, Dr Wirginia Maixner,

ISPN official fellowship de l’ISPN (Iternational Society for Pediatric Neuorsurgery)

July 2008- September 2009:                    

Chef de Clinique, Neurosurgery, University Hospital Geneva, Prof. K. Schaller

April 2006- June 2008:                   

"Intern" in Neurosurgery University Hospital Geneva, Prof N. de Tribolet and Prof. K. Schaller since 1stOctober 2007

Nov 2003- march 2006:                

MD/PhD student laboratory of Prof. J. Kiss, Department of Neurosciences (CMU) Geneva

July 2003- October 2003:                       

Army, "Payement gallon" to be Lieutenant, physician for 600 recruts (ER 66/266, Geneva)

Nov 2001- June 2003 :                   

MD/PhD student Dr. M. Pepper (CMU, Département Morphologie).
Neurosurgery on calls, University Hospital Geneva 1 day per week

October 2001                                          

Cours of experimental technics in laboratory (Prof. D. Belin)

August 2001- September 2001:               

"Intern" in neurosurgery, University Hospital Geneva (Prof. N. de Tribolet)

July 2001                                       

Assistant laboratory Prof. M. Pepper, Département Morphology (University Medical Center Geneva)

April 2001- June 2001:                     

"Intern", Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Geneva (Prof P. Suter)

February 2000-February 2001:                     

« Neurosurgrical Registrar »  Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia (Prof A.H. Kaye), Neurosurgery Department

October 1998- December 1999  :               

"intern" in Neurosurgery, University Hospital Geneva, Prof. N. de Tribolet
trainin in basical neurosurgical procedures (burr holes, craniotomy approach, external ventricular drain, shunts, lumbar discs and laminectomies)

October 1997- September 1998:                 

"Intern" in medicine, regional hospital in Martigny, Valis, Switzerland(Dr. J. Petite)